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About me

I've always been writing this blog in finnish, but few days ago I wrote in english for the first time, and it got such crazy viewer-numbers that I guess I need to start doing it more. It jumped to my most-read post in only few hours and has had over 10 000 views already. So thanks about that!

Here I'm going to tell a little bit about me now, and the next post is going to be about what goes through my mind before competition. In other words, it will be mainly about different ways I think I could brake my arm or leg and make it look like an accident to get out of the competition. And that's sadly not a joke.

I am 22-years-old, brazilian jiujitsu purple belt from Lahti, Finland, and I compete under Roger Gracie Academy, though I train at Barreto Jiujitsu Lahti with these really awesome people. I focus on competing and I train for the Worlds now, and I'm already really scared about that, I try not to think about it or I'm going to lose my sleep. So I'm not scared with just some cute little butterflies in my belly, nooo way, scared in a way that I can't move or breathe when I think about it. I always get super nervous before fights (as you may have guessed by now), but in the end I love it. And as proof of that I haven't actually broke my arm to flee from competitions, you can see my accomplishments on the right.

I also coach girls bjj-class at Barreto, where I teach techniques and drills that I've found useful as a pathetically tiny girl, techniques that have worked in competition and sparring.

I have an instagram account @empuii where I post a lot about bjj, diet and embarrassingly many selfies with my pitbull Culo.

If you're interested in seeing my final fight in this years IBJJF European Opens, just click HERE

I've made one technique video for my sponsor Grab&Pull about my favourite sweep (I actually do it in the fight) that you can see HERE

Go check my interview with BJJ Easter Europe HERE :) It just came out today!

From Portugal, a day before my fights in this years European Opens

And here is the happiest moment of my life so far :)

Grab&Pull photoshoot with Santeri Lilius

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